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GHR was founded in 1960 in Frankfurt/M., Germany and it’s main task was to distribute IVP Valves from the British company I.V.Pressure Controllers Ltd.. In the following years GHR aquired the sole agency for Bayham Ltd., a UK manufacturer of liquid level gauges and switches, flow monitors and relais from ELETTA group and blanketing valves in cast iron/aluminium and stainless steel to complet the delivery programme.

In 1973 the premises in Frankfurt/M. became to narrow and GHR build their own premises in Ober-Mörlen, in the outbounds of Frankfurt.  From the beginning GHR took care of holding comprehensive stock of valves and spare parts and of providing full services. The new building provides good prerequisites for this task.

The aquisiton of GHR by Charles Baynes plc. in 1993 and the integration in their group of valve companies in 1998 created safety and competitiveness for our customers and at the same time widened our range of products for further valves from own manufacturing or from long term co-operation with overseas partners.

Since 2006 GHR is part of IMI plc.





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